The Magic Analyst is by no means the only good database of Magic cards. Wizards of the Coast produced a nice commercial database back in 1999 that includes the card images, and several third party developers have produced well-respected alternatives.
Online Databases:
  • Gatherer, Wizards' official online card search utility.
  • Scryfall, a relatively new online database that recently acquired the venerable
  • MtG Vault, a great site not just for card searches, but also deck searches.
  • MtG Salvation, another great site for card and deck searches.
  • Card Kingdom, a site with a wealth of Magic utilities.
  • Deckbox, a site that specializes in Magic inventory and deck management.
  • The Mox Diamond, a popular site with lots of Magic stuff in addition to a friendly online database.
  • The Planeswalker's Library, a rich site with articles, card search, and deckbuilding support.
  • TCG Player, a rich site for card and deck discovery, plus articles about Magic.
  • MtG Goldfish, another rich site for card and deck discovery, plus articles about Magic.
  • MtG Assist, a site for card search and articles.
  • ManaStack, a neat site for graphical deck building and playtesting.
  • MtG Brew, another site for deck building and playtesting.
  • DeckStats, a site with rich graphs depicting a myriad of stats for decks.
  • EDH Rec, a site specifically designed to aid construction of Commander (EDH) decks.
  • Essential Magic, a site for collectors and deckbuilders.
  • MTG News, another popular Magic site with an elaborate online card search engine ("spoiler generator").
  • Magic Duels Cardlist and Magic Arena Cardlist.
  •, a nice site with a nice card search for those of you who happen to speak Russian.
Shareware Databases:
Commercial Databases:
Mobile Apps:
  • DeckBuilder, with both iOS and Android versions.
  • MtG Familiar, an Android app that includes some neat utilities for use during a game.
  • MtG Apps, a site with several apps for Android and iOS.
Software for Online Play:
  • Magic: The Gathering Online, launched by Wizards of the Coast, 2001. Includes cards from Invasion on.
  • The Magic Apprentice, the classic by Dragonstar Studios that launched the era of online Magic play.
  • MTG Play, a program developed by Fuerte to enable free online Magic play.
Other Magic Software:
  • Magic: The Gathering, published by MicroProse, 1996, under license. This is a strategy/conquest game, in which you use spells taken from the Magic universe.
  • Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage, published by Acclaim, 2000, under license. This is something of a real-time strategy game based loosely on the Magic spells.
  • Neverwinter Nights - Demon: This user-created module for Bioware's fabulously-popular Neverwinter Nights includes a "Card Emporium" in which you can buy cards, construct decks, and play a game remarkably similar to Magic... except that you really summon the creatures and they really fight!
Other Good Magic Resources:
  • MtG Wikipedia Page, for anyone who's new to the game, and wants to know what it's about.
  • MtG Wiki, the best place to look up Magic terms and rulings.
  • MtG JSON, a machine-readable compendium of all the cards in Magic!
  • MtG Price, a site that tracks prices across several Magic vendors and also includes articles about the game.

If you encounter a desktop database that you think is better than the Magic Analyst in one or more ways, we would love to take a look at it. Just send us an email with a link to the new database and an explanation of what you like better about it. Obviously, the Magic Analyst can't be all things to all people, but your feedback does influence our development decisions!

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