The Magic Analyst is a powerful and visually-rich card database for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game. It's a virtual library of all the cards ever printed, making it easy to catalog and appraise your collection, find key cards, and construct better decks. You can search on a wealth of designated fields like Flying, or you can take advantage of direct database access to perform 'fuzzy' searches on the actual card text.
  • Includes all cards from Alpha through Judgment, with updates through Ninth Edition!
  • Searchable via a powerful combination of designated fields and "fuzzy" card text matches.
  • Robust card inventorying capabilities that make it easy to catalog and appraise your entire collection.
  • Able to import current prices and rulings, both freely available online.
  • Construct your own decks, import Wizards and Apprentice decks, and export new decks.
  • Display actual card images if Wizards' Magic Interactive Encyclopedia is also installed; otherwise proxies.
  • No clunky third-party UI to bog your computer down. Multi-tasks well.
  • Entirely FREE -- we just ask for donations if you like it.

Download the Magic Analyst now for free! (3.1MB) ... OR ... Check out the latest Analyst Updates.

System Requirements:
The Magic Analyst requires Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and Microsoft Access 2000/XP. If you don't have Access 2000 or aren't sure, click here for help. If you're using Windows NT/2000/XP, click here for some tips.

Machines should have at least a 200MHz Pentium processor, 64MB of RAM, 20MB of free hard drive space, and a super-VGA (1024x768) monitor. Interactive updates require Internet Explorer v5.0+ and an internet connection. If you want to see actual card images as opposed to proxies, you can either scan your own cards or purchase the Magic Interactive Encyclopedia from Wizards of the Coast. (Second-hand copies can be found on eBay.)

I created a beta version of the Magic Analyst in June 1997, but I didn't release the product publicly until the spring of 1999. That version of the Magic Analyst was nothing more than a static database with a Card form, and it didn't draw many admirerers. I took a sabbatical from my "real" job at the start of the new millenium, and I used some of the time to completely rewrite the database. Since its relaunch in October 2002, the Magic Analyst has become phenomenally popular, and the fan mail, at least, has been rather gratifying. With version 4.3, I have attempted to address the shortcomings of other Magic databases, while still remaining within the boundaries established by Wizards of the Coast for acceptable use of its copyrighted material. (That is to say, I'm not going to include an image library.) If you're not convinced that the Magic Analyst is the best freeware Magic database around, you're welcome to check out the alternatives.

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